Virtual Public Meeting for FM 1385 Improvements

Farm to Market Road (FM) 1385
From United States Highway (US) 380 to FM 455
Denton County, Texas
CSJ: 1315-01-030

September 15, 2020

 The FM 1385 reconstruction project includes widening an approximately 12-mile section of FM 1385 from US 380 to FM 455 in Denton County. The existing FM 1385 is a 2-lane rural highway. The proposed FM 1385 would be widened and reconstructed as a 6-lane divided urban roadway from US 380 to Mustang Road and a 4-lane interim (6-lane ultimate) divided urban roadway from Mustang Road to FM 455. A new location realignment of the central portion of FM 1385 at Mustang Road is proposed to directly connect FM 1385 to the north and south without requiring vehicles to travel along the Mustang Road portion of the existing FM 1385. Additionally, a new-location realignment of the southern portion of FM 1385 at Gee Road is also proposed. This would flatten out the existing “S” curve at Gee Road and improve mobility along FM 423 at the intersection with FM 1385.

This virtual meeting begins on September 15, 2020 and will remain available online through the comment period deadline of September 30, 2020. During this time, please view the video presentation and exhibits provided on this site to learn about the project, and provide your comments.


Click this link to view the narrated video presentation:
The presentation slides and speech are also available in PDF format here:

Presentation Slides


You may click on any of the project exhibits below to view them at full size.

Click the links below to view the 30% Schematic for the FM 1385 project. The Roll Index provides an overview to help locate your property on the map rolls.

Schematic Roll Index
Schematic Roll 1 – From US 380 to North of Union Park Boulevard
Schematic Roll 2 – From North of Union Park Boulevard to South of Aubrey Parkway
Schematic Roll 3 – From South of Aubrey Parkway to South of FM 428 East
Schematic Roll 4 – From South of FM 428 East to North of FM 428 West
Schematic Roll 5 – From North of FM 428 West to Mustang Creek
Schematic Roll 6 – From Mustang Creek to North of Joe Allen Road
Schematic Roll 7 – From North of Joe Allen Road to North of Friendship Road
Schematic Roll 8 – From North of Friendship Road to Strittmatter Road
Schematic Roll 9 -From Strittmatter Road to FM 455


The proposed project would require new ROW. The amount of new ROW needed is still being determined. It is likely that relocations and displacements could result.

Information about the process for state purchase of ROW and relocation assistance may be found in the following pamphlets:

Relocation Assistance: ENGLISH or SPANISH
State Purchase of ROW: ENGLISH or SPANISH


The deadline for providing comments is September 30, 2020.

Comments may be provided online, or by mail, email, or voicemail, as explained below.

Comment Online: Comments may be completed and submitted online by clicking the links below:


Comment via Email or Mail: The PDF Comment Form may be completed on the computer or printed and handwritten, and can be submitted by email or mail. Click the links below for the PDF Comment Form.


Email comments to [email protected]

Mail comments to:
TxDOT Dallas District Office
Attention Edra Brashear, P.E.
4777 East US Highway 80
Mesquite, TX 75150-6643

Verbal Comments: Call (833) 933-0432 and leave your comment on the voicemail. For the official documentation, please clearly state your name and address before your verbal comment. You will be able to record a 3-minute long verbal comment. Your comment will be transcribed and included in the meeting documentation.


Contact the TxDOT project manager, Edra Brashear, P.E., to ask questions about the project at [email protected] or (214) 320-6651.

Virtual Public Meeting Summary