Project Information

Alignment Alternatives to be Considered in the DEIS

Based on input from the previous Public Meetings, local governments, and evaluation of the alternatives, the study team has finalized the alternative alignments to be analyzed in more detail in the Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). These alternatives, plus the No-Build Alternative, will be studied equally during the DEIS. One item we would like to emphasize – an alternative has not been selected or recommended. The alternative labeling does not indicate a ranking or preference. These alignments are preliminary and subject to modification (click here to see the alignment map).

An alternative will not be selected until after the DEIS for SH 190 has been published and a Public Hearing is held; the Public Hearing could possibly occur in 2016. Local government recommendations along with the information in the DEIS, comments received from federal, state, regional agencies and the public will be considered and TxDOT will recommend the alternative for the Final EIS (FEIS) and it will be reflected in the FEIS for the project. The FEIS is then sent to FHWA for final review and approval.

Scope of the Current Work Effort

The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is conducting a study to determine the feasibility of developing a new roadway from IH 30 to IH 20 in eastern Dallas County. The study begins along side the cities, towns, and the public to determine alternatives and alignments for the potential new roadway. In so far the study's "blank canvas" of possibilities, TxDOT will rely heavily on city/town leadership and input in determining what alignment works best for each jurisdiction. It is anticipated the facility would improve local north-south transportation and complete the regional (eastern) SH 190 Loop — connecting the President George Bush Turnpike extension at IH 30. Study objectives will determine if a roadway is needed, and if so:

  1. What type of roadway is warranted
  2. The location of roadway
  3. The potential environmental effects of building the roadway

This phase involves the development and evaluation of alternatives and development of an Environmental Impact Statement in accordance with state and federal guidelines. Alternative development and evaluation, public and agency involvement, and schematic design are included. This combined planning effort will conclude with:

  • Identification of a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA)
  • Typical cross-sections with Right-of-Way determination
  • Preliminary Design Schematic
  • Final environmental clearance through a Record of Decision (ROD)

Future Toll Road?

The East Branch will be evaluated for potential toll-application as part of the SH 190 Transportation Study objectives. In Texas, current identified transportation needs exceed available funding by three to one. Traditional, tax-based methods of financing roads are no longer sufficient to handle the statewide and local transportation needs in a timely fashion. The future depends on funding tools that maximize budgets by using strategic partnerships with local communities and private businesses. In the past, Texas highways have been funded by a combination of federal, state and local funds.

Current Conditions

One of the goals of the project is to develop a transportation solution that avoids and minimizes impacts to the community and environment. Available information on the environmental, social, and economic conditions is being collected as well as data on the transportation system and hydrology/hydraulics. Below are two of the maps developed using Geographic Information Systems (GIS). One map shows the current land use in the study area and the other shows sensitive community assets identified thus far that the study team will be trying to avoid. A number of assets are those specifically denoted as sensitive by official city/town input.


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For more information on future toll-incorporation on Texas roads, please visit the Texas Department of Transportation website at