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The Texas Department of Transportation proposes roadway improvements along SH 205 (Goliad Street), from just north of Olive Street (north of SH 66) to proposed SH 276 (near Sids Road) in the city of Rockwall, Rockwall County, Texas.

The proposed project is needed to meet the increasing transportation demands caused by rapid development in the Rockwall area, as well as to create a safer driving environment for vehicles traveling on SH 205. The population of the city of Rockwall, Rockwall County, and surrounding areas have grown dramatically in recent decades, due largely to suburban development of the Dallas metropolitan area.

SH 205 is the major north-south roadway through Rockwall County, and is classified as a principal urban arterial. It begins at SH 78 in Collin County, and extends south to US 80 in Kaufman County, near the city of Terrell. Along its length, the roadway intersects several major east-west highways (US 80, IH 30, SH 66, and SH 78) that provide access to Dallas and its adjoining suburbs.

Between the project’s southern terminus SH 276 and the Union Pacific Railroad overpass (just south of FM 740), SH 205 is presently a two-lane roadway section, with shoulders and open drainage ditches. From the Union Pacific overpass to the northern project limits, SH 205 is presently a two-lane roadway section, with a continuous left turn lane and curb-and-gutter section.

Improvements will include: constructing a six-lane divided roadway between SH 276 and Denison Street; constructing a one-way, three-lane couplet from Denison Street to north of Olive Street along Alamo Road; replacing an existing bridge over the Union Pacific Railroad; and replacing an existing culvert at Buffalo Creek with a single-span bridge. These improvements are designed to alleviate existing and future congestion generated by travel to and from the City of Rockwall and surrounding areas.

The existing right-of-way (ROW) width is 80 feet with larger widths up to 100 feet in areas near three creek crossings and roadway intersections, with the exception of approximately 197 feet of ROW at the IH 30 underpass. The proposed ROW width would generally be 110 feet wide. The project would require approximately 6.10 acres of additional ROW that is currently zoned residential and commercial. Consequently, two residences and ten businesses could potentially require relocation as a result of the project.

SH 205 Schematic

CSJ : 0451-01-032

Public Hearing - Tuesday, July 26, 2005

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