US 287 Frontage Road Improvements Feasibility Study

Virtual Public Meeting for US 287

Potential Improvements to United States Highway (US) 287
From State Highway (SH) 360 to West Lampasas Street
Ellis County, Texas
CSJs: 0172-04-047, 0172-13-006, 0172-05-123, 0172-07-030, and 0172-08-101
April 21, 2020




Public Meeting Documentation


The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is conducting a feasibility study for improvements to US 287 through Ellis County, a distance of approximately 32 miles. The purpose of this feasibility study is to identify and evaluate the potential construction of continuous, one-way frontage roads, including grade separations and access control, along US 287 from SH 360 in the City of Mansfield to West Lampasas Street in the City of Ennis. Project alternatives could require additional right-of-way to accommodate the project.

This virtual meeting begins on April 21, 2020 and will remain available online through the comment period deadline of May 6, 2020. During this time, please view the video presentation and exhibits provided on this site to learn about the project, and provide your comments.

Click this link to view the narrated video presentation:

Click the links below to view the exhibits.

TxDOT-FHWA Memorandum of Understanding Exhibit
Study Process Exhibit
Environmental Constraints Map
Recommended Typical Sections

Click on the links below to view the project Recommended Alternative Exhibits that show the proposed improvements.

Recommended Alternative Index of Sheets
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 1
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 2
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 3
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 4
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 5
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 6
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 7
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 8
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 9
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 10
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 11
Recommended Alternative Exhibit – Sheet 12

Click on the link below to view the Level of Service (LOS) Exhibit that shows traffic projections and anticipated LOS at various locations throughout the study area.

LOS Exhibit


Since this is a feasibility study, specific right-of-way boundaries have not been set at this time. Right-of-way will be set during the schematic development phase of project development, which occurs after the feasibility study phase. However, if you would like to familiarize yourself with the process for state purchase of ROW and relocation assistance, please see the following pamphlets:

Relocation Assistance: ENGLISH or SPANISH
State Purchase of ROW: ENGLISH or SPANISH


The deadline for providing comments was May 6, 2020.


Contact the TxDOT project manager, Elizabeth “Libby” Russell, P.E., to ask questions about the project at [email protected] or (214) 320-4418.


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US 287 June 2019 Public Meeting Documentation

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